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Planning an entertaining and exciting ‘Hollywood’ experience for friends and family? Go for a 360 photo booth and click exciting pictures from all angles. This time, create a hub of excitement for colleagues, friends, and families with the 360 photo booth. Contact us for exciting and entertaining photography at K-Madison Photography & Photo Booths. We provide a cutting-edge, fun-filled experience for personal or corporate events, ensuring that your guests have a memorable time.

Click your dynamic pictures and go panoramic:

The interactive features of a 360-degree photo booth are sure to fascinate your guests and leave them with unforgettable memories, ensuring that the event is spoken about long after it concludes. Our booth is equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that rotate around the person, constantly clicking pictures and videos, providing a unique and exhilarating event experience.
You can hire the photo booth and get it for spin charges, an hourly rate or the whole complete package for the event. Check out our Boston photo booth rental options, and choose us from the list displayed!

Rent a booth and stun your guests:

The eye-catching dynamic photos are a treat for the eyes and are either mailed or messaged to the individual. The reels can also be edited and glamorized with interesting emojis and backgrounds, making the whole experience surreal! It is easy to rent out a booth, save money, and provide the best entertainment for your guests. Go online and type ‘360 photo booth rental in Boston‘ for the best booths in the region. You can read the reviews to make the right choice. We offer the best discount deals with the best equipment; book a slot now!

What makes the 360 photobooth pictures better than the traditional ones?

In traditional cameras, the pictures are taken from a particular place and at a single angle, but the 360 photo booth makes clicking pictures exciting and fun. The multiple cameras positioned all around whirrr at a super fast speed around the individual in a circular manner, capturing dynamic and moving pictures from every angle. The excellent-quality camera also provides a complete view of the background and surroundings. These pictures are then automatically weaved together with specialized software, and voila! A seamless and smooth 360-degree video or image is created within seconds.

Why is renting a booth a better option?

Our excellent 360 photo booth range can make this unique experience a reality for your event. Click photographs from all angles and keep them stored for later viewing. However, we understand that purchasing a booth can be costly that’s why renting it from a reliable firm like ours, is an affordable option. Check out rental booths online and book a slot for yourself when you get the photo booth of your choice. Our skilled K Madison photography and photo booth team offers the best deals when you book in advance.

Pick a 360 photo booth for your event:

A function, party, or event of any kind is complete with the innovative 360 photo booth. This booth adds an engaging and interesting element to photography. The cameras click a complete panoramic view and showcase the whole scene beautifully, giving the visitors a memory to remember for a lifetime. They can admire and see each posture, expression, and backdrop of their wonderful time at the party.

Go social, friends, and make a dynamic memory for the audience!

People love to capture precious interactive and immersive moments forever. And when these moments are captured in the 360-degree format, they can be shared easily on social media platforms. Imagine clicking an attractive selfie and posting it online, instantly grabbing the audience’s attention. We can make you famous. Try us out and see how your event becomes a dynamic memory for the audience!

Traditional cameras have paved the way for more excitement. Click each movement made in each second and thread them together. We can do this for you. Contact us to make a permanent memory of get-togethers, corporate holidays, parties, marriages, and events in a fun-filled, exciting manner with K-Madison Photography & Photo Booths.